Claude Watson Arts Program

Toronto Music Alliance is proud to support the Claude Watson Arts Program. We have had many students grow and develop through this rich program (and some of us are alumni of the program).

Earl Haig Secondary School opened its doors to the Claude Watson Arts Program in 1982. This program is designed to serve students possessing special talents with specialized learning opportunities. Though a challenging arts and academic program, our students develop their creative and academic potential to the fullest.

​Claude Watson students can major in one of five artistic disciplines:

In addition they must take elective courses in one additional arts area. In this way they experience the breadth of the arts as they develop their strength in their chosen discipline.


  • To provide a unique program where students pursue learning paths under the guidance of enthusiastic teachers with arts specialty training.
  • To encourage the development of skills for everyday life -communication, cooperation, sharing, and self-discipline.
  • To provide educational enrichment that focuses on the classical and contemporary arts through the study and application of concepts, skills, theory and performance. Guest artists, professional performances and field trips all contribute to the student’ appreciation and dedication to learning.
  • To encourage students to apply their knowledge and awareness in the pursuit of lifelong enjoyment and contribution to the Arts.

Entrance is through audition, which take place around January or the preceeding school year. Contact the program for any questions you have, or speak with us about how to help prepare you for the audition!


New & notable

What's new

ToMA Children's Choir Starting September 12!

Our ToMA Online Choir - for children ages 6-12 - is gearing up to start rehearsing on Saturday, September 12. The cost for the choir is $270 per term, with two terms during the school year. Rehearsals run from 10-11 Saturday mornings, and rehearse via Google Meet. Feel free to contact us for the link to our rehearsal room, and join in the musical fun! You can join us starting anytime, even partway through the season (we will made adjustments to the fee for later starts).

To see just a small sample of what they do, click Read More to see one of the videos from our Summer Virtual Choir program.