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Fundraiser Concert Lineup

We're excited to present our First Annual ToMA Fundraiser Concert this Saturday, October 27th. At last, we are happy to tell you the lineup for our amazing show! Read on for all the details.

The theme of our fundraiser is People in Our Musical Community. As such, you're going to see a wide variety of performances, from some spectacular students to faculty members as well as musical groups our community have joined.

Our program will include:

- Elenee H: An eight-year old student of Ida Neufeld who plays with expression beyond her years (seen in this video here, which was taken several months ago!)

- Wen Z, Elizabeth and Meredith W: All three are theory students of David Stone, but are working on their Grade 10 and ARCT piano with friends of our school (Wen is a student of renowned piano teacher Karen Quinton; Elizabeth and Meredith are the children of Dr. Karen Broadhurst)

- David J: An electric bass student of David Stone. You simply won't believe what he'll be playing. Trust us.

- Oasis: A Toronto-based vocal jazz ensemble, who have been making music in our city for almost 30 years. Check our their website here.

- Faculty members Peter Cosbey, Yunior Lopez, Joanna Chapman-Smith and David Stone, all playing an eclectic line-up of music spanning classical to jazz and modern folk/rock.

And of course, we'll be having our raffle for some incredible prizes at the end. It's going to be an amazing evening, all for a good cause: helping our community create and share the love of music. Hope to see you there!

Meeting the CEO of Schimmel

Those of you who have been taking piano lessons at our school know the incredible quality of the pianos we use. They are built by one of the best piano companies in the world, Schimmel. But when the CEO of Schimmel, Hannes Schimmel-Vogel, came to Toronto recently, how could we resist an invitation to meet him? Of course we couldn't. 

Getting the chance to pick the brain of a piano maker was a fascinating opportunity. Mr. Schimmel-Vogel was very forthcoming about his philosophies regarding worldwide piano production as well as the dedication to his own family's craft. (In case you were wondering, the Schimmel family has been making pianos since 1885.) 

But most interestingly, Mr. Schimmel-Vogel was very keen to learn about modern music education, especially in North America. In discussing what we do at ToMA, Mr. Schimmel-Vogel was thrilled to hear about using new ideas, new methods and real teachers of the art in our school. We are very happy to have met Mr. Schimmel-Vogel, and look forward to hearing even more music in our halls using those beautiful instruments.

Piano Tune Canada: Exclusive Offer for ToMA Students

We're thrilled to announce a special promotion for all ToMA students and families courtesy of our newest partner, Piano Tune Canada! Speak to us next time you're in the studio to learn the details (and trust us - it's worth checking out). 

Piano Tune Canada provides piano tuning services across the GTA and sells benches, humidity control systems, and all the other accessories that our pianos need to stay in tip-top shape. They've been taking care of all our pianos since day one, so we know they're the best!

Yes, we have guitar lessons!

Possibly the most often-requested instrument we get asked about, we can finally say yes! Toronto Music Alliance is thrilled to welcome guitarist/composer Richard Fortin to our faculty. You can read his bio, or read on for more information about our latest teacher.

Richard Fortin has a long and storied career in music production, working on everything from television tracks to orchestral works. He is a dedicated teacher, well-rounded and incredibly versatile. It is not often one can say that whatever you want to learn, the teacher can accommodate. But Richard is absolutely capable of teaching you quite literally anything about the guitar you would want to know. A delightful personality and professional, we couldn't be happier to have him on staff. Welcome, Richard!

ToMA Update

It's been a couple of weeks since we last updated, but we've got some very good reasons. We're happy to share some of the latest news with you!

First of all, you may notice the new visual elements to the site. Every page has been updated with proper photos, along with the beautiful new gradient along the edges. We've got some more structural changes to come, to make things even more navigable along with some new features.

Next, our community has absolutely exploded! We've got well over 120 student lessons happening each and every week. On any given night, you'll hear the strains of piano, electric bass, cello and voice lessons echoing through our halls. It's been a wonderful transformation, and we hope to keep it up.

Finally, we're preparing for our Bursary Fundraiser Concert with a new raffle along with the show! We've got some great prizes (seriously, these ones are top notch, with people wondering how we were able to get them!), so we'll be unveiling that soon too.

Thank you all again for being part of our amazing school. If you're new to the site and our school, this is just a small taste of what happens each and every week at Toronto Music Alliance. It's even more fun on the inside!