ToMA Online Summer Choir Program 2021

When: July 6-August 20
Cost: $350 per child
Where: Your living room!


It's back! Developed by Meredith Wanstall (vocal teacher, conductor with Bach Children’s Chorus), this online holistic program covers many musical foundations. The program is geared towards all children ages 6-12, regardless of instrument they are studying


Our goals for the program are to:

  • Connect the children of our community through a group music class. 
  • Support each child’s individual musical progress through group activities. 
  • Increase each child’s knowledge of music theory concepts (e.g. note naming, intervals, scales, key signatures, rhythm reading, sight-reading, etc.).


The class will largely be based on singing activities, but will also incorporate theory games and movement activities.
  • Vocal Warmup: We will target specific vocal techniques and discuss healthy singing goals. 
  • Ear Training: We will use solfege syllables and hand signs to support the development of the musical ear, as used in the Kodály method. 
  • Musical Skills: The children will learn to sing/recognize various scales and exercises. 
  • Repertoire: The choir learns new songs throughout the summer, and discusses the different musical challenges found in each song. 
  • Theory Games: We will play musical guessing games, theory bingo, and flashcard games to learn musical terms. 
  • Movement Activities: The children will be encouraged to incorporate movement through listening activities, songs, and games. 
  • Sight-Singing: The children will be introduced to basic sight-singing concepts through the use of solfege syllables. 
  • Social Activities: We will incorporate some social time through themed classes, fun poll questions on zoom, and a weekly show-and-tell time (one child per week).Virtual Concerts: We will be assembling recordings of the kids into one large virtual choir, so everyone can share and  enjoy all their amazing work

Dates and Cost

The program is scheduled to run from July 6 to August 19 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 9:30-10:30, with a maximum of 12 kids per session. Should we have a large enrollment, we will be adding a second session on Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-12. We will be using Google Meet, so no additional software or sign-up is needed. The cost for the entire summer program is $350, including materials.

Sign Up!

If you would like  to sign up for the program, or if you have any other questions, get in touch with us, and we can help get you started. We look forward to sharing music in the summer with you!

New & notable

What's new

ToMA Children's Choir Starting September 12!

Our ToMA Online Choir - for children ages 6-12 - is gearing up to start rehearsing on Saturday, September 12. The cost for the choir is $270 per term, with two terms during the school year. Rehearsals run from 10-11 Saturday mornings, and rehearse via Google Meet. Feel free to contact us for the link to our rehearsal room, and join in the musical fun! You can join us starting anytime, even partway through the season (we will made adjustments to the fee for later starts).

To see just a small sample of what they do, click Read More to see one of the videos from our Summer Virtual Choir program.