Online Academy

Toronto Music Alliance is proud to have an established Online Academy program for your music education. Eliminating geographic barriers, students have studied with us from across Toronto, Quebec, and even internationally from places such as the United States and Europe! Many of our faculty have been teaching online for over a decade.

The most common thing we hear is, "I didn't know they could work so well!" Because we have the experience of working online for years, we have adapted our in-person curriculum for any student wanting to grow their music! We have the technology, technique and inspiration to work with you wherever you are, and whatever you want to learn.

From working with absolutely beginners - yes, you can learn from the very beginning remotely! - to students in university programs, our Online Academy will cater each lesson to each specific student's needs, goals, challenges and strengths. We are able to work in real time with our students on all aspects of music, from learning to write a four-part Baroque harmony, to editing a multi-track recording, to sharing a fun rhythm with a child. 

To make the experience optimal, we have a few tips:

Have the Right Tech

We are able to use all online communication tools: Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Whatsapp and Facetime. We can adapt to whatever technology you have with you. What we would recommend, though, is purchasing a USB microphone. These are fairly inexpensive, and make a big difference when we can hear you as well as you can hear us!

Have the Right Setup

In order for us to be able to help you best, we have found that setting up a device approximately a metre away works best. We will work with you to help set up the best view, lighting and distance so we are able to properly analyze and assist your technique. Make sure your lighting is from the front if possible. Harsh lighting from above creates deep shadows, and lighting from behind shows a silhouette - not ideal for helping your musical technique!

The room itself should be quiet, free of distractions. We know life is always chaotic, but the more focused the lesson space, the better the learning. Mute your other electronic devices, close a door, and let the musical space be your oasis for the duration of the lesson.

Have the Right Support

Your teacher will be there with you every step of the way. All of us want to see our students succeed! We have developed many methods and tools to support our students, including recordings, videos, annotated pieces of music and much more. 

If you are the parent of a young student, we ask that you be there with your child during the lesson. This will allow us to be able to more effectively communicate and share with your child, allow everyone to better control the flow of the lesson, and let you know exactly how your child should learn. The extra benefit? You'll be learning alongside your child, sharing the musical journey with them, and making positive memories that will last a lifetime!

Contact us today and let us help you learn music from Toronto's leading Online Academy at the Toronto Music Alliance!

New & notable

What's new

ToMA Children's Choir Starting September 12!

Our ToMA Online Choir - for children ages 6-12 - is gearing up to start rehearsing on Saturday, September 12. The cost for the choir is $270 per term, with two terms during the school year. Rehearsals run from 10-11 Saturday mornings, and rehearse via Google Meet. Feel free to contact us for the link to our rehearsal room, and join in the musical fun! You can join us starting anytime, even partway through the season (we will made adjustments to the fee for later starts).

To see just a small sample of what they do, click Read More to see one of the videos from our Summer Virtual Choir program.

Why Online-Only Lessons?

We've heard from many of you asking both when we will be able to return to in-person lessons, as well as why we are working only online with our students. The first answer is, we don't know. But the second answer is simple: safety. And we have the science to back it up.